Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cad e Sin don te Sin

In the months coming up to Christmas 2009, myself and Sean Mullen had the great opportunity to work with Cartoon Saloon on a project called Anam an Amhráin. The project involved new animated visual interpretations of old Irish songs. Sean and I worked on the song called Cad e Sin don te Sin, from storyboards, design, modelling/rigging & animation to the final render. We animated the characters in 3D and the backgrounds were done through Photoshop. Tomm Moore helped throughout pre-production with feedback on the story and with the character designs.

Below is a clip from the song that we worked on

Cad e sin from Cartoon Saloon on Vimeo.

The songs were screened on TG4 (Irish TV) over the Christmas period and it was great to see them in Full quality on the big screen. We both had a fantastic time working on this project, and once again I'd like to thank the guys at the Saloon for the opportunity.

Clips from the other Siogs can be seen on the Cartoon Saloon site here.

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